I'd like to take this opportunity to let you know how happy our family is with T's Learning Center. We were referred by a friend because we were very unhappy with our current childcare provider. When we toured T's, it was obvious that it was really more like a school for toddlers and young children, than a daycare. The classrooms, even down to the infant rooms are filled with pictures at eye level, age-appropriate learning pitcures, numbers and letters on the walls, sections of activity centers and educational tools that stimulate creativity and group play. It was obvious from the tour, that the owner puts the money back into the business for the benefit of the children.

From the first day that my daughter started school, the managers knew my name and my daughter's name. We were greeted with a smile every morning and afternoon, this was huge for me. If there was ever an issue that needed their attention, I knew it would be handled in a professional manner. The managers are very involved in every classroom and with each teacher - it is a partnership. The teachers take pride in their work and their classrooms. They also provide child assessments twice a year. I find it fascinating how much my daughter's teacher documents, and how attentive she is to understanding each child's unique development and progression meeting milestones. Although my daughter had different teachers in each room as she has grown older, one element has stayed the same - the teachers love their children, hug them, hold them, read to them, play with them and guide them. I couldn't be happier or more pleased with the experiences and socialization my daughter is getting at T's.

Every month I receive a bulletin of activities that my child will be involved in - and the best part is, that they actually do the activities! My daughter participates in art projects every week, science experiments, outside recreation, as well as word and number associations. There are so many times that my daughter will say or do something that I didn't teach her, and I know she learned it from her teacher. The teachers are professionally trained and know these children are ripe for exposure and learning.

I highly recommend you choose T's Learning Center to help facilitate the foundation for creating powerful, intelligent and creative minds.

-Jennifer C.

I am a Duval county foster parent and I have utilized T's Learning Center for my foster children since 2010. The staff at T's has always been willling to accommodate any necessary schedule changes or last minute documentation need for the foster parent process. T's goes above and beyond their duties of just making sure the children in the center are safe. The staff are very well trained in child development, they exhibit great communication skills with the parents and each other and I have never encountered a teacher at T's that did not show great love and patience with the children in their care. The children in my care usually have special needs in the emotional and social areas and are developmentally delayed, it is imperative that the staff of the center my children attend are able to understand and meet these needs. It takes a team of caring individuals to nurture and develop children, and at T's I have found many great team members. From the owner to directors to teachers, they all show great enthusiasm and love for all of the children in the center. As a parent, I have utilized many child care centers and I would classify T's Learning Center as one of the best that I have ever come across. I am very greatful to have found such a exemplary child care facility.

-Bridget H

Like many parents we often look at our children with amazement and say to each other, how do they know so much? The answer is easy; they learned it at T's. As must as we would like to credit ourselves for being the ultimate parents with potty training, teaching the alphabet, colors, numbers, etc., we cannot. The staff at T's provided these building blocks to our girls, with consistency, fun and love. We love hearing the excitement in their voices as they run up to us at the end of each day telling us what they did that day. We could not feel more at peace leaving our children in the care of T's Learning Center.

-Stacey & Jason G.

My daughter has been at this center for over four years and I am in awe at the level of knowledge, maturity, manners and respect that she has learned at T's. I credit this to the amazing curriculum and hardworking staff. They do an excellent job at molding these young minds while providing a warm and caring environment. Thank you so much for everything you do.


As a new mom, making a decision on who is going to care for your little one while you are at work is one of the most challenging things parents can do. Like most new moms, my heart was filled with overwhelming disappointment, that I had to go back to work. My husband and I tried another daycare, and the services were HORRIBLE! My daughter did not even have a main teacher in her One year old class. After two months of poor services and my daughter consistently being sick, it was time to make another hard decision (either let a family friend care for her or find another daycare).

Well a new daycare was our decision. My heart was so heavy at this point, but my husband and I settled on giving T's Learning Center a try. I called and later stopped by for a tour, and we fell in LOVE! I truly never thought we would find a daycare that would show our daughter so much love. Everyday makes us even more happy with our choice. Just the other day I dropped my daughter off, and was filled with joy and happiness when I brought her in the class and was pleasantly greeted by her teacher, Mrs. Lomax, and all of her classmates playing quietly in a circle. Truly made my day to drop my little girl off with someone who was so professional and showed so much love to each and every child she cares for and that they all are so well behaved.

I cannot speak for anyone else, but for me and my family, T's Learning Center provides a quality service that is truly hard to find. So thanks, T's, for making us such happy and secure parents.

With Love,

-The Pendergrass Family

I cannot say enough kind words about T's Learning Center. The level of care, education and compassion the staff provides my child is outstanding. It is a relief when you take your child to school and they are thrilled to be there. Thank you T's for taking such good care of my child.

-Wendy V.