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What to Look for in a Quality Afterschool Program
October 15, 2018

After school programs are a great way to keep your child safe, inspire them to learn, and introduce them to positive role models.

After school programs can provide students with an after school snack, academic enrichment, and a range of engaging and interactive activities including: painting, reading, sports, homework help and more! At T’s Learning Center in Ponte Verde, we want to provide you with some tips that will make choosing a program easy and exciting.

How is a parent to decide the right program? Well, these important qualities can be helpful  and ensure your child’s success:

  • Low child-to-staff ratio
  • A positive emotional climate
  • Appropriate supervision
  • Activities that promote autonomy and choice
  • Continuity with the regular school day

Additionally, out-of-school time has the potential to promote your child’s health and wellness. Here are some guidelines of T’s Learning Center’s after school program.

At a Glance

  • After school programs may improve kids’ social skills.
  • Homework help from an after school program can reduce battles at home.
  • Older kids in after school programs are less likely to get involved in risky behavior.

A good after school program can turn the aimless hours after school into productive learning time. That’s a big benefit for kids with learning and attention issues. Here are seven things a high-quality after school program can do for kids.

1. Create a sense of belonging.

If the after school program isn’t run by the school district or a facility nearby, children can get to know different kids than those they see at school. That means they don’t have to deal with the same cliques and social issues. If it is run at your child’s school or nearby, the program can give your child a chance to connect with familiar kids in a different environment.

There’s generally more adult supervision than on the school playground, too. As a result, kids with learning or attention issues are more likely to be included and feel part of the group.

Improve social skills

2. Improve social skills.

A good program promotes cooperation, support and respect. This can help kids feel more secure about joining a game or starting a conversation. And if they slip up, a sympathetic staffer should be on hand to remind them to take turns or stop interrupting.

3. Provide academic support.

Many after school programs offer structured homework help. Homework can often cause friction between kids and their parents. So, getting it done during the program can make everyone’s evening hours more pleasant and relaxing.

4. Make learning more fun.

After school programs can be stress-free, fun and meaningful. Our programs include the arts and physical fitness, which can help kids find new interests.

5. Provide safety and supervision.

Keeping kids busy can prevent them from engaging in risky behavior. Studies also show that being in an after school program can result in better grades and fewer behavioral problems.

6. Build confidence.

For kids with learning and attention issues, an after school program may feel more forgiving than school does. As a result, they may be more willing to try new things and take more risks. This, in turn, can lead to higher self-esteem.

7. Helps keep children physically active and learn healthy habits

Not only will your child have character-building experiences in after school programs, they can also burn extra energy through physical activity. After school programs provide healthy snacks - especially important during the middle school years! Staff members can also educate your child on proper nutrition, something that they can use for the rest of their lives.

Key Takeaways

  • An after school program can expose kids to new interests.
  • Kids with learning or attention issues may feel more accepted at an after school program.
  • Staff at an after school program can give feedback to help kids improve their social skills.

Your child's well-being at all times is the most important priority at T's Learning Center, the top-rated child daycare in Jacksonville and at our After School Program in Ponte Verde.  Our greatest asset are happy children and happy parents.