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The Awesome Teachers at T's Learning Center
May 16, 2019
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T's Learning Center teachers make all the difference.

Teaching one child, let alone a whole classroom of young students is not an easy task. Being an early childhood education teacher requires a personal interest and passion for helping young children and closely observing while they grow, learn and achieve.

This is one of the most gratifying benefits of being a preschool teacher at T’s Learning Center. On most days, our teachers spend more time engaging them and teaching our children and influencing their behavior more than anyone – even their parents.

It takes a special kind of person to work with young children in their first five years of life. Our teachers are tasked with supporting basic cognitive, behavioral, social and physical developmental milestones. Patience, creativity, a love for early education are the important elements of being an effective early childhood teacher at T’s Learning Centers.

Here are important characteristics of our awesome preschool teachers:

Passion that Makes a Difference

Our teachers have a burning desire to make a real difference in the lives of young children – one of the most important qualities of a great preschool teacher. Their positive drive goes well beyond enjoying being will children. It means wanting to make a difference to every child. Our teachers are driven to open every child's opportunity to learning and helping to overcome any obstacle a child may have.



Successful preschool teachers need plenty of patience. Every class has students with different developmental skills. Working with young children all day takes huge measures of patience. By nature, their age makes young children high-spirited, with short attention spans and marginal self-control. Every child is different, too, making the job even more challenging. After a long, tiring day full of challenges, our teachers of young children come back and meet the same and new challenges the next day. A patient nature, blended with a sense of humor, helps our teachers take the ups and downs of every day in stride, while staying focused on the ultimate goals.

Flexibility and Creativity

Creativity in the classroom is more than making fun art projects. Our classes require creativity to teach children from different cultures or backgrounds. The teachers at T’s Learning Center are prepared for multicultural classrooms with many ethnic backgrounds, cultures, and traditions represented.  In their classrooms, these differences are not merely tolerated but are welcomed and embraced creating an open and exciting learning atmosphere.

We plan lessons that will engage young children and educate them at the same time takes creativity. Additionally, adapting lessons to individual learning styles requires flexibility. Regardless of how organized teachers are and how well the day has been planned, they flexible to handle all the glitches that can throw off the day. We use creativity and flexibility to make every day a positive one for our classes.


Children are sponges at this early age, but they are also new to learning. Our teachers communicate with young learners on their level, including being able to break tasks and subjects into easily understandable pieces. They offer details about classroom progress to parents, so they are aware of their child’s performance and achievement level.

passion for learning


Great preschool teachers are dedicated to their students and their career. When you are determined to stand up for your beliefs on behalf of your educational values or your students’ needs, you will gain respect from your colleagues, parents, and students. At the preschool level, making the classroom a place where learning is fun can resonate with children for the rest of their lives. Most of all, truly successful teachers are dedicated to bringing out the best in their students.

Overall, our great preschool teachers at our Jacksonville and St. Augustine locations continue to work on their craft as well as their own personal development to become better every year. When you choose T’s Learning Center, the best preschool and for early childhood learning, you are providing a place to help your (and our) most precious resource grow into responsible, competent learners.