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T’s Summer Camp 2019, Where Fun and Learning Make Great Memories!
April 01, 2019
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While your kids, AND you, look forward to the long, lazy days of summer with excitement and anticipation as this school year is quickly ending, after just a couple weeks, the refrain of “I am bored” is echoing! Kids welcome structure and planning. Why not redirect that boredom by signing your kids up for T's Summer Camp?

Summer Camp provides benefits for the whole family!

  • T’s Summer Camp nurtures social skills:  As a community away from home and school, kids learn to work with each other and adults, build relationships and manage conflict.
  • T’s Summer Camp models healthy living:  Thanks to the many activities camp offers, kids stay busy and physically active.
  • T’s Summer Camp encourages summer learning:  We help make learning and problem-solving fun and interactive through reading and the arts.
  • T’s Summer Camp enhances self-confidence:  Whether kids work through separation anxiety or tackle an activity outside of their comfort zone, kids walk away feeling a stronger sense of personal pride and self-reliance. 
  • T’s Summer Camp helps kids unplug and build friendships:  In a distracting digital world, camp offers valuable space where kids can slow down, connect and focus. One of the best parts of camp is the opportunity for kids to make new friends.
  • T’s Summer Camp reintroduces kids to nature:  According to a national poll, only about 10 percent of children spend time outdoors every day. So many are growing more and more attached to life in the tech world and further detached from the natural world. Camp provides kids the perfect opportunity to see what they have been missing in the great outdoors.

T’s Summer Camp offers plenty of perks for the little ones — and for their parents.

If you think your little one is too young for day camp, you may want to think again. There are plenty of options out there for preschoolers, most of whom take to day-camp activities like tadpoles in a pond.  T’s Learning Center caters to tots during the school year and offers an exciting summer day camp for 10 weeks at all 5 of our locations. Though it may seem early to be packing your toddler off for the day (or even just the morning), you may not be aware of the following benefits of day camp for preschoolers:

  • A preview of preschool. If your child is scheduled to start “real” school in the fall, day camp will give him a taste of what’s to come, such as having a structured day, following classroom rules, and learning to organize belongings in a designated place.
  • Separation preparation. Learning to make a break from a parent can be an invaluable benefit of day camp for a tot. Of course, very few kids stay upset for more than a few minutes after being dropped off at day camp. There’s way too much fun to be had!
  • Stepped up social skills. Learning to interact with other children (including sharing and taking turns) can be a huge benefit of day camp, especially for a child who hasn’t had many opportunities to be around with kids of the same age. Even if your tot has been attending preschool during the winter, chances are there will be plenty of new faces at summer camp. Instant new buddies!
  • A special benefit for you. Whether you have a newborn, a career to tend to or a home to keep up, sending your tot off to camp provides you with some extra time this summer. When your little camper comes home, you’ll be able to focus on your child who will tell about what a fun day it was!


Here are just a few of the visits and activities planned at T's Summer Camp this year!

T's Learning Center, serving Jacksonville and surrounding areas, looks forward to sharing a wonderful and exciting summertime experience with your child. And remember:

Enroll for 6 weeks by May 3rd and the 6th week will be FREE! Call TODAY!