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T’s Learning Center Kids Sure Are Special!
September 11, 2016
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What makes T’s Learning Center kids special? 

Well, there’s a laundry list and each reason is one child’s name. In our eyes, it’s not just one thing that sets them apart and makes each special - it’s many! 

T’s Kids are THOUGHTFUL! 

We see a great deal of compassion and politeness in our children. It warms our hearts to see children helping and caring for one another. “Please” and “thank you” go a long way and we encourage courtesy and respect for each other. Our kids are quick to make a wrong right and to turn things around. This creates a harmonious environment and a very happy place to be! And when it comes to thinking of others and donating to our local food banks during the holidays, our kids and families love to jump in, give, and do all they can to help!

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop 

T’s Kids Love to LEARN! 

The children we care for make our teacher’s job easy … well, not really easy, just easier! Why? Because they love to learn and they are SMART! (They have smart parents, we know that, so they come by it naturally! ;)) Nothing fuels a teacher’s passion like children's love of learning! This also helps make us one of the best preschools and VPKs in Jacksonville and St. Augustine. There is ebb and flow with student and teacher when the child has a thirst for knowledge! We’re so thankful for this and it brings joy to each day! 

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” – Chinese Proverb 

T’s Kids are FUNNY! 

Not a day goes by that our kids don’t crack us up and make us smile HUGE! Never were truer words spoken, “Kids say the darndest things”! Whether they are chatting with a friend or have a sit-down with their toys, sometimes the most unique and hysterical things come out of their mouths. Added to the verbal humor are their facial expressions; one look can say it all. The sun always shines in our kid’s faces; add being funny to the mix and we can confidently say that as their teachers and caregivers, we have a pretty near perfect job! 

“I went to my mortgage broker with my 7 year old son. As I sat at the desk, my son sat down and said, “Hello, I am not her husband.” 

T’s Kids work as a TEAM! 

Our kids seem to innately work cooperatively and understand working toward shared goals and purposes. They respect other’s abilities and celebrate their achievements. They have polished social skills and interact with enthusiasm and encouragement. As teachers, we work hard to nurture these aspects as they are revealed in our kids. We work on being a team with them, as a gentle leader and guide; nurturing their independence and placing much confidence in them. The importance of working as part of a team is essential to strengthening your child’s social and emotional skills; while helping to develop their interpersonal skills and improve confidence. It’s equally essential to ensure a positive and encouraging atmosphere where the kids want to be and enjoy every day! 

Teamwork: Simply stated, it is less me and more we. Unknown 

So when searching for exceptional preschools in Ponte Vedra and the Nocatee area, visit T’s Learning Center and see what makes us special too!