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Spring Break 2019 - Top Things to Do
March 15, 2019
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Did you know there are so many great things to do during spring break in Jacksonville, FL?

Take a break from school and enjoy a local family outings! 

Why not start with a visit to the Jacksonville Zoo or spend the day on a trip to Skyway and the Downtown Library? They can be incredibly special for kids of any age! Visit the U-Pick Strawberry Farms in Northern Florida and don't forget to spend one day at the beach.

You do not have to be much of a planner to enjoy Spring Break and do something special with the kids. If you are looking for ways to spend your Spring Break this year, here are a few ideas:

Marineland dolphin

Marineland Dolphin Adventure

When living in the Jacksonville area, try to make it down to Marineland about once a year. Tt is one of North Florida’s hidden little gems. Just south of Jacksonville, about an hour’s trip, it is a small park where kids can enjoy one of their favorite sea animals.

There are age requirements for each encounter, so availability will depend on your child’s age. The experiences range from a shallow water experience where you wade in the water with the dolphin, to another experience where you can swim in deep water with the dolphins, too. Be sure to check the age requirements to make sure it is appropriate for your child.  It is also important to make reservations as these encounters are limited each day.

Beach Day

Even though the weather may not be warm enough to permit swimming and playing in the water, still hit the beach, it’s always FUN. Kids are very much into just walking the beach and looking for shells or sharks’ teeth. For a family, just taking it all in makes for a great day!

Don’t forget to bring all sand toys, kites, and fishing gear. We could spend the whole day just building sand castles, flying kites or shore fishing. Shore fishing is one of the only ways you can fish in Jacksonville without a permit. Some great places for beach fun include the Jacksonville Beach Pier and Micklers Landing.

Spring Break Camps

If the thought of entertaining your kids every day when they are out of school is a bit overwhelming for you or you cannot take time off from work, you might consider offer mini camps offered by summer camps during spring break. Jacksonville Zoo, The St. Augustine Alligator Farm, Starlight Gymnastics and the MOSH are just a few.

Plan A Special Playdate with Friends

During Spring Break, it is a wonderful time to invite your child’s friends over for a special play date. Plan a pirate party so the kids can dress up and design their own treasure maps. Or a tea party where the kids and make and decorate special Easter Egg shaped rice krispie treats. Serve some decaffeinated iced tea using on old tea set that may be stashed in the attic.

The possibilities are endless for these special days. Use your imagination and spend the day creating fun for your kids at home!

At T’s Learning Center, the premiere child daycare and preschool in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Florida, we encourage parents spend days off as a family and to develop traditions and memories that will last a lifetime.