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Let’s Take This Show Outside!
March 17, 2020
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Everything is off kilter at this moment. We are being barraged with all kinds of messages: some sensible and some are very confusing. The kids are confined, schools are closed, restaurants are running at 50% capacity and parents are frustrated.

What to do? Take a deep breath and take this show outside! Grab the kiddies and go out and get some fresh air, go for a leisurely hike, explore the nesting bird habitats and maybe do some weeding!  

The biggest value of learning about nature is that it already exists. You can’t miss it! It is outdoors when the kids play or while walking casually through your neighborhood. It is readily, and freely, available. Just as bigger rocks make bigger splashes and forest paths create simple networks, children are naturally inquisitive and outside spaces are a great place to witness that natural passion.

Here are a few fun activities that will help parents and kids get out of the house, take a breather from the constant news updates and nurture a child’s curiosity about nature.

fun with a magnifying glass

Pull weeds and admire budding wildflowers

Let the little kiddies pull, touch, and smell this springtime wonders. (Be sure you recognize and avoid poison ivy!) Encourage talk about each plant – where does it grow, does it like shade or sun? What does it look like in various stages? Older children can help identify plants they find. How does each plant move? How does it grow in new places? For the future botanist in the family, identify invasive species in your area. These kids are learning the science of plants.

And don't forget the magnifying glass. There are so many tiny wonders to behold and the magnifying glass just enhances the experience!

rope swing

Tarzan of the Jungle

For smaller kids and those in middle grades: throw a rope over a branch and gather various objects to tie to one end. See how fast different things swing.
Time and measure your swing and make some guesses – will a rock go further or faster? Does it matter what size? What if you swing on the rope?

Go from Point A to B, and back again

Show the younger children how to draw a map of your area in the dirt – a pebble might represent a bigger rock or a building, pine needles can make a path or a stream. Plan out your path on your mini map and then walk it! Using the same map, have older children make a few set points. How many routes can you make between all three points? What is the quickest way to get too all three? What happens when you add a fourth or fifth point?

This is an exciting way for kids to learn about mapping, spatial sense, and networking! Computers use this same technology to complete tasks. Back it up with different maps, new places, and lots more exploring!

See solar energy in action

Time for that magnifying glass again! Collect a variety of leaves - some dry - some fresh, lighter green ones and darker green ones. Place a leaf in a safe zone (sidewalk, or baking tray) and use a magnifying glass to concentrate the light of the sun into a tiny point. As the magnifying glass is held steady – you and the kids will soon see a bit of smoke as the sun’s energy burns a hole in the leaf. Explore which leaves burn easier and figure out why. Teach kids about the power of fire – and remind them that forest fires can start because of discarded water bottles or broken glass – and now they know how! 

Together, we can successfully fight this battle!

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