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Fall is Coming . . . That Means it is Time for Apples
September 02, 2020

Thinking about Fall? What is one of the first thing that comes to mind? Apples.  From picking apples at the orchard to baking an apple pie to giving an apple to a new teacher, the Fall is full of apples.  And apples are a wonderful inspiration for Fall crafts for the kids.

Why not start by creating an Apple Footprint? Just rinse off those sandy tootsies and make a precious keepsake!

Apple Footprint


  • 8 x 10 canvas or white card stock
  • Red, brown, and green paint
  • Paint brush


  1. Paint the bottom of your child’s right foot with the red paint and step onto the canvas or card stock. Make sure to cover the child’s foot fully before steeping so there are not any white spaces.  
  2. Paint the bottom of your child’s left foot with the red paint and place it right next to the other footprint on the canvas or cardstock.
  3. After the red paint dries, paint a stem and a leaf onto of the top of the footprints with the brown and green paint. Instead of painting the apple stem, have your child dip a finger into the brown paint and press it onto the canvas.  Then, have your child dip a finger into the green paint and press it onto the canvas to create the leaf.

This Apple Footprint craft is not only a fun craft for your children to create, but it is also a precious keepsake that you will treasure too.

Here is another interesting craft, not as messy, but lots of fun!

Apple Pom Pom Tree

apple pom pom treeMaterials for the tree:

Pipe cleaner trees: To make these trees, you need twelve or more 3mm pipe cleaners (chenille stems) in the color of your choice. You find 25 piece packs of 3mm black pipe cleaners at Jo-Ann Fabrics. If you prefer brown tree trunks for regular fall trees, look through the big variety packs. Or, you can find both 3mm black and brown pipe cleaners online.

Instructions for the tree:
  • First, to shape the roots of the tree, bend a pipe cleaner roughly in half. One end should be longer than the other — up to an inch — to vary the length of the branches. Twist the bent end of the folded pipe cleaner tightly and bend it almost to a 90-degree angle. Repeat with all the pipe cleaners.
  • Next, gather the bent pipe cleaners together and arrange them so that the roots stick out evenly around the base of the tree.  Pinch the pipe cleaners together just above the roots with one hand, then twist the bottom half of the tree trunk together. Once again, make sure it is nice and tight.
  • Twist some together to make thicker roots. Bend them at different points and angles for a natural appearance. Adjust how far the roots bend away from the trunk until the tree stands up straight.  
  • The next step is to start creating the branches. Divide the tops of the pipe cleaners into three or so clumps. Twist the first one two or three turns, then divide and twist again. Bend each branch and twig into natural, uneven shapes.

When you’ve created all of the branches, take a minute or two to get the shape of the whole tree just how you want it.

Materials for the leaves and apples:

  • Green pom poms: Use several shades of green in various sizes to add beauty and depth to the project.
  • Red pom poms: Use smaller pom poms in a variety of fruit colors as pretend apples.

Finishing Touch!

Place the pipe cleaner tree in the center of a tray. Arrange the green pom poms in the branches of the tree. Arrange the fruit-colored pom poms in piles near the tree.

Torn Paper Apple Craft – another easy and entertaining activity for the kiddies to enjoy. A great  idea because tearing paper is good to grow fine motor skills,

torn paper apple craft


  • Paper plates
  • Red construction/tissue paper
  • Green construction/tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Optional – Black Paper and Googly Eyes


Setting materials up in advance works far better than asking kids to sit at the table and wait. Older kids can cut out the leaves for them from green paper and have the younger one can tear up red paper to stick for the apples.

Kids may want to make an apple with a face!

Stuffed Paper Bag Apples

stuffed paper bag apples 

This paper bag craft is perfect for fall and provides all kind of fine motor practice! Children use apple shapes cut from grocery bags and decorate them with sponge painting. They then get to stuff them and lace them shut forming a stuffed paper apple.

This lacing project would be a great addition to any fall unit or apple unit in the classroom and would make a festive decoration at home for fall!


  • Brown paper bag (or any paper you’d like to use)
  • Manila file folders or sturdy paper to make a tracer
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Paint (Try BioColor Paint because of its versatility, and has no odor.)
  • Sponges
  • Old newspaper or crinkle cut paper for stuffing
  • Stapler or hole punch with yarn
  • Brown and green construction paper
  • Glue (try glue dots, but you could also use any liquid glue.)

stuffed paper bag apples


  1. Cut up an old paper shopping bag so it is flat. 
  2. Make an apple tracer by drawing a large apple on an old manila file folder or other sturdy paper and cut it out. (Make sure it is symmetrical. This will make it much easier when assembling the apple.)
  3. Help your child trace two apples (for the front and back) on the brown paper bag. Cut out the apples.
  4. It is time to paint! Place your paint and sponges on the table. Put your cut-out apples onto some newspaper or other paper you don’t mind getting paint on.
  5. Sponge paint the apples. Have fun trying out different color combinations!
  6. Set the apples aside to dry.
  7. Once the apples are dry, it iss time to stuff them! First, take the front and back of your apple and secure them together, leaving a little hole to stuff. You can secure them by either stapling around the apple’s edge or punching holes and having your child lace around the apple’s sides.
  8. Stuff your apple through the little hole you left. (You could use torn up newspaper.)
  9. After stuffing the apple, close the hole either by stapling it or finishing the lacing around the edge.
  10. Cut out a brown stem and green leaf from your construction paper and glue them to your apple. Ta da! The stuffed apple is finished!

Display the finished paper apples displayed on a table, but you could also attach some yarn to the top to hang them around thr house to decorate for fall!

With various child daycare centers in the Jacksonville area to choose from, T’s Learning Centers delivers our very best to your children and we love to share fun ideas! We know we have the craftiest children and teacher crafters!