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Countdown to Preschool!
September 11, 2016

Getting ready for preschool can be very exciting for your child and you!

So we offer a few helpful suggestions to prepare you and your child for the ‘big day’. Now getting down to the details, let the countdown begin!

A Few Weeks Prior to Preschool Starting: 

  • Establish a “school bedtime” for your child.Many kids have stepped out of their normal bedtime routine during the summer months. Getting them in the routine of an earlier bedtime at least two weeks prior is a wise plan. 
  • Go shopping for school supplies together. Make it a memorable event. If possible, allow your child choose his/her own backpack.
  • This makes them feel like they are a ‘big kid’ and gives him a sense of control and responsibility.
  • Together label all items—backpack, lunchbox, water bottle, jacket, shoes, blanket, etc.—with your child’s first and last name and teacher’s name in permanent ink.
  • For any health issues, contact the health personnel at your child’s preschool to go over any medications your child takes and alert them of any allergies that may affect your child. Make sure all medical and permission forms are completed.
  • Repeatedly talk with your child about the morning and afternoon drop-off and pick-up routine. Assurance that someone is always there for them and their safety is very important. If your child will be staying at an after school program, make sure your child meets the caregiver prior to the start of the program.

Night before Prep:

  • Throughout the day pay attention to how your child feels and acts and note any difference in behavioral or if they’re experiencing any emotional distress.
  • If the schedule permits and you’re up for it, prepare your child’s favorite meal or ask if they’d like any special additions to a regular meal. During the mealtime, it’s the perfect time to address any last minute questions or concerns. It’s a great time as well to get super excited and talk about all the neat times they’ll have at school! This can become a yearly back-to-school tradition!
  • Let your child make weather and school appropriate clothing choice for their first day.
  • Make sure that your child goes to bed on time with the new schedule bedtime. Don’t focus too much on the first day at that point unless it seems appropriate. End on a super positive, very relaxed note.

The BIG Day!

  • Rise and shine early enough so there’s no rushing out the door or stress in leaving on time.
  • If possible, sit down and eat breakfast together, keeping things, happy, light and easy.
  • Make sure lunch contains favorite and familiar foods! Familiarity will be your friend! ;) Pack your child’s backpack together and include lunch and necessities.  
  • Make sure your child chooses a special blanket or stuffed animal to bring to school. This can help make the transition much easier, reiterating familiarity.
  • Including an encouraging note or special photo will help ease feelings of loneliness and adding a feeling of security and love.

With T’s Learning Centers offering a preschool education in St Augustine, we have lots of experience with ‘first time jitters’. We also know nothing ever goes according to exact plan; however, having some type of plan is better than none. 

Now off to the races!