A Note from Our Founder

T's Learning Center was envisioned as a place for children to be loved and cared for. There is no greater feeling then to hear from families who have long since left T’s Learning Center tell the wonderful memories of their time spent with us. This is why we started and continue to grow today. We have left lasting impressions in the hearts and minds of so many children and we strive to continue to impact our future in a positive way.

We truly understand the emotional needs and demands of all children, as well as the needs and expectations of parents. We strongly believe in providing quality care and having positive input given daily to the children. It is so important for the children to gain self-confidence and self-esteem.

We at T's Learning Center will encourage this for all of the children in our care. All children need this as a foundation to succeed. Communication between parents, the child's teacher and Director is a key part to Early Childhood Learning and is highly encouraged in our facilities. We strive to provide a family atmosphere.

Over the years our company has grown in the number of locations and the number of employees. Throughout these changes in size and composition, we have maintained our accreditation, implemented new services, added technology as appropriate, and remained current in the scientifically based research and studies to ensure that our teachers are well equipped to guide the minds of our little ones. T’s Learning Center has maintained the love and quality that we were founded on and have only improved with changes and will continue to prove to our families what makes us the best.